Terms and Conditions

Terms & conditions

The following terms and conditions apply.

In general

All prices are inclusive of 7% GST.

All prices are per item and per case.

All prices are considered non-negotiable, unless it concerns a C2C situation. In that case the basic fee is the absolute minimum for the service charge. Counter proposals from clients or first points of contact are accepted only if they can be considered reasonable. Reasonable is judged by the complexity of the job. 

All prices are based on man hours. That means that servicing is always chargeable, also during warranty period. Warranty refers to the product concerned, not the servicing involved.

Servicing is considered a guarantee, meaning that a technical issue should be resolved after the first service call. If the provided solution does not solve the issue to the clients' satisfaction, next servicing is FOC until the issue is resolved. After the issue is resolved the warranty period for the servicing is three months. Note that:

  • This only applies to the product/item for which the issue is reported. Thus, for service calls at the same address, but for other products, additional service fees apply.
  • A service call is not the same as a visit. I.e. if an issue requires multiple visits to resolve the problem (e.g. first visit to assess, second visit to resolve), it is still considered as one service call.
  • This only applies when the clients' dissatisfaction can be considered reasonable.

Service fees are meant to cover costs for transportation and man hours spent. This means that service fees are apart from the pricing of our products. For the pricing of our products normal buying and warranty terms apply. After the warranty period all products and spare parts are chargeable. These costs are then in addition to the service fees. I.e. if our service technicians go to site, there is always charge, unless stated otherwise in this document.

The above condition excludes optional fitting accessories (e.g. rubber rings); these are always chargeable as they are not fixed parts of the products we sell.

The consultation fee is meant to cover costs for transportation and man hours spent. However, if a consultation leads to the conclusion that there is an issue, the other service fees apply and the consultation fee will be waived. If there is no real issue or if the client rejects our quotation, the consultation fee applies. I.e. if our service technicians go to site, there is always charge, unless stated otherwise in this document.

Specifically for projects

For projects, during warranty period (18 months after TOP), all normal servicing is FOC, provided that the client accepts the mandatory training before and inspection after mock-up. This should be communicated at the kick-off session latest. If the client rejects and issues emerge that are caused by wrong installation, the above mentioned service fees apply.

If a client requests for additional servicing, the above mentioned service fees apply.

Normal servicing is defined as all installations, disposals, consultations, servicing and troubleshooting within official working hours that are the result of a technical issue for which HS can reasonably be considered responsible, one training before mock-up and one inspection after mock-up.

Installations and disposals that are not requested as a result of a technical issue, additional training and additional inspections (e.g. per floor or stage of the project) are considered additional servicing. These will be charged according to the above mentioned service fees.

All terms and conditions apply to products that have been sold by Hydro Style or Interior Affairs. For brands that are not carried by Hydro Style or Interior Affairs and for in-house brands that are sold by others, normal service fees apply, regardless of target group. 

Warranty terms

In order to qualify for warranty our client has to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  • The client can provide proof that purchase is within guarantee period (e.g. invoice of purchase);
  • The client has not allowed unqualified people to carry out work on the product, or used other than the manufacture's spare parts;
  • The client has not caused damage to the product due to accident, negligence, misuse or installation that was not in accordance with our assembly and care instructions.

Our products are designed, produced and shipped free from defects and will function reliably when used correctly and treated in accordance with manufacturer's instruction for care.

In the event that there is a defect on the product, we will carry a full warranty for the relevant period, with effect from the date of invoice. The replacement and/or repair applies to products that are within the warranty period and that are found to be defective due to a fault on manufacturer's part.

The warranty does not cover damage due to calcification, foreign matters or aggressive water.