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A key aspect of GROHE's sustainable business practices is a commitment to the ecological and economical use of natural resources and the protection of the environment. As a leading player in the sanitary fittings industry, GROHE puts this commitment to the natural world at the heart of all activities. GROHE WaterCare® is the promise they make, together with their customers, to help protect the world's most valuable resources.

Personal hygiene, toilet flushing and kitchen use (drinking water) account for two-thirds of total water usage in private households. GROHE operates in these three categories and produces specific, innovative products for each one.

Their dedication to the environment drives GROHE innovation. The entire product life cycle is considered at the design and development stage in order to create safe products of superior quality with economical use of resources. Through the use of high-quality materials and processes, GROHE products are created for a long service life. All new product lines are life-tested before launch to ensure years of trouble-free use. This keeps replacement to a minimum and reduces waste and the use of raw materials dramatically over time.

Today, every drop of water counts. GROHE is proud of its commitment to designing and manufacturing products that respect our fragile planet and use natural resources efficiently.

GROHE WaterCare® five commitments

1. Climate
GROHE will strive to make all our operations carbon neutral in the next five years, and will maximise their use of renewable energy and use offsetting as a last resort.

2. Waste
GROHE will continue to reduce all waste from their operations and packaging. GROHE will recycle an increasing percentage of their waste and set up a programme to retrieve and dispose of old products responsibly.

3. Sustainable raw materials
GROHE will endeavour to source raw materials from environmentally friendly suppliers and mines.

4. Responsible partner
GROHE will select and work closely with their suppliers, investing where necessary to minimise environmental impact.

5. Health
GROHE will continue to develop products to improve the delivery of pure water in the developing and developed worlds.