VILLEROY & BOCH Innovation & Sustainability

Innovation is the sum of all strengths: expertise, quality and function. Villeroy & Boch (V&B) prides itself as one of the leading innovators in saving water. In production, V&B uses the waste heat from all drying and tunnel kilns and recycles all excess raw materials that occur during production. International certificates are testimony to V&B's responsibility for the environment -EMAS and ISO 14001 certified.


  • V&B CeramicPlus

    CeramicPlus is a nano-based surface technology that helps keep your ceramic products clean and hygienic. It allows fast and easy cleaning with little water and detergent because there is hardly any hold for dirt, and liquids run off faster. For that extra cleanliness and hygiene in your bathroom.

  • V&B SmartFix

    A fastening system that enables markedly quicker and more flexible installation of basin trap covers without tools and drilling.

  • V&B Quaryl®

    An exclusive material made of quartz and acrylic combines with precision casting technology that allows material designs with high precision edges and small radii. Quaryl® ensures absolute hygiene and easy cleaning thanks to the custom fitting, narrow joins, and perfect tile and surface alignment.

  • V&B SupraFix 2.0

    SupraFix is a patented mounting system that allows wall-mounted WCs to be fitted even more easily and quickly. This mounting system is invisible from the outside, enabling perfect WC design.

  • V&B Whisper

    The second generation of Villeroy & Boch Whisper Systems is no louder than a gentle rustling of leaves and as an airpool with fine champagne bubbles, is ideal for relaxing whilst enjoying regular whirlpool experiances, soothing tense muscles and providing long term benefits for the skin.

  • V&B Water Saving Mode 3/4.5 litres

    A water-saving system for WCs with flushing performance of 3/4.5 litre that offers the same high flushing performance of a 6 litre flush.

  • V&B Concealed Fastening

    Villeroy & Boch's sophisticated assembly technology can be used to integrate the fastenings of wall-mounted WCs and bidets into the wall. The WC is pushed onto a special support in the wall, making the fastening almost invisible and creating a perfect look, which is also even easier to clean.

  • V&B Soft Closing

    Soft Closing function of the toilet seat means the lid closes gently and silently, thanks to shock absorbers integrated in the hinges.

  • V&B Quick Release

    Toilet seats featuring Quick Release technology can be removed and just as easily reattached in an instant, allowing easy cleaning of all those places under the toilet seat that are otherwise difficult to reach.

  • V&B Easy to Clean

    Easy To Clean