NIKLES Technologies

Nikles continuously invests in research and development of existing and emerging technologies to ensure that you always have access to the latest innovative shower products.

  • NIKLES Airdrop System

    Airdrop System

    Experience a gentle, uplifting feeling that envelopes the body. Delivering a rejuvenating spray that is soft and gentle on the skin. Airdrop showers operate quietly and save water at the same time.

  • NIKLES Booster Technology

    Booster Technology

    Switch to wellness! Enjoy the powerful massaging shower spray that exhilarates the body and awaken the senses. NIKLES booster technology creates the sensation of a full shower regardless of the water pressure.

  • NIKLES Click-Position-System

    Click-Position System

    All NIKLES multifunction showers feature the convenient click mechanism. You feel and hear the click when changing the function of the shower sprays.

  • NIKLES Mirror Chrome

    Mirror Chroming

    Super polished - mirror like surface. Our state of the art chrome plating technology produces mirror like surfaces. The resulting ultra smooth surface prevents the buildup of lime and residues on all NIKLES products.

  • NIKLES Easy-to-Clean


    Swipe away residues with a flick of your finger!

  • NIKLES Thermo Insulation

    Thermo Insulation

    Insulated shower systems prevent scalding and prevent accumulation of residues. This saves you much cleaning time and the use of harsh chemicals.

  • NIKLES Auto On/Off

    Auto On/Off

    Rainlight/ Rainbow lights switch on automatically when you turn on the water. Lights continue for 2 minutes after you shut off the Nikles rainlight showers, giving you that extra bit of quality time.

  • NIKLES Eco-Comfort Shower

    Eco- Comfort

    Save water without compromising shower comfort. The highly efficient 6 liters per minute showers not only rewards you with a good ecological conscious but also with ashower experience without compromise.