GROHE Technology: Moments of Truth

Ongoing investment in research and development enables GROHE to actualize industry-leading technologies. GROHE products are designed to last a lifetime, be comfortable and intuitive to use and deliver a range of enjoyable experiences.

  • GROHE CoolTouch®

    No scalding on hot surfaces thanks to 100% GROHE CoolTouch®.

    Enhanced safety is at the heart of GROHE CoolTouch® Technology, ensuring there is no risk of scalding on hot chrome surfaces. This piece of innovation is due to the internal 'cooling channel', which creates a barrier between the hot water and the outer surface.

  • GROHE SilkMove®

    Smoothest handling for effortless precision and ultimate comfort for a lifetime.

    GROHE's in-house cartridges utilise the most advanced ceramic alloy technology coated with a special Teflon lubricant, which guarantee rich smooth handling. GROHE SilkMove® technology ensures a lifetime of maintenance-free comfort and reliability. The rich, smooth handling of their single-lever mixers perfectly expresses the quality and superiority of the brand. 

  • GROHE SilkMove® ES

    The intelligent combination of energy saving and effortless water control.

    GROHE SilkMove® ES technology not only offers a unique smoothness of operation, but also encourages responsible management of energy and water. In cold-water mode and positioned mid-lever, the ES technology springs into life. This eliminates opening the faucet in the mixed hot-and-cold water mode, saving energy by avoiding the unnecessary heating of water for daily rituals like cleaning your teeth or washing your hands.

  • GROHE Whisper®

    Innovative water technology delivering whisper-quiet acoustics.

    For peace, comfort and design freedom, our concealed cisterns feature GROHE Whisper® technology. Thanks to decoupled pipe supports, there is no sound transfer to the structure of the building when the water is released from the cistern to the bowl. Allowing the WC to be located in the most convenient location without fear of disturbing others.

  • GROHE Digital

    Digital intelligence for effortless control and outstanding comfort.

    The GROHE Digital technology brings simplicity to the bathroom. Intuitive user icons allow the user to easily pre-program their preferred combination of water temperature, flow rate and duration.Create your personal water experience and start it with a fingertip.

  • GROHE DreamSpray®

    Savour the difference with GROHE DreamSpray® Technology.

    GROHE DreamSpray® Technology is at the heart of all GROHE showers. This winning formula of quality and innovation creates optimal water distribution for an unparalleled showering experience. The advanced shower engine creates an equal flow of water distribution through each and every single nozzle resulting in the ultimate shower.  As experts in water technology, it is our mission to develop superior showers with outstanding features.

  • GROHE EcoJoy™

    Save water and energy with GROHE EcoJoy™ technology. 

    GROHE EcoJoy™ reflects our commitment to the environment and is already included in a number of established products, such as our thermostats, dual flush sanitary systems or electronic faucets. Now, the smart, sophisticated designs of selected single-lever mixers and showers have been made even smarter. These new products feature integrated water-saving technologies that restrict flow rates, allowing you to reduce water consumption without sacrificing on performance or design. The result is less environmental impact and reduced running costs.

  • GROHE TurboStat®

    For convenience, comfort and safety, choose GROHE TurboStat®

    GROHE pioneered thermostat technology over half a century ago and we are still leading the way today. GROHE has increased the sensitivity of the thermo element and re-evaluated the internal waterways. Therefore, allowing our thermostats to react to abrupt changes of water pressure two times faster than before, and making them up to nine times more accurate in terms of temperature setting than our leading competitor. With GROHE TurboStat®, the desired temperature is reached in a fraction of a second and maintained for the duration of your shower, resulting in a comfortable, ultra safe and satisfying shower.

  • GROHE StarLight®

    See the difference with GROHE StarLight® Technology.

    Continuous improvement over the last seven decades has seen our unique plating process refined to produce an immaculate shiny surface that is recognised as one of the best surface finishes in the world. The chrome finish on all GROHE products is only a fraction of microns thick. However what really matters is what's underneath. At GROHE we plate sub layers of copper and nickel dependent on the surface to ensure that a totally non porous, perfect surface awaits the chrome layer which is around 500 times thinner than a human hair! Our deep even layered chrome surface creates a luminous and mirror like sheen.

  • GROHE Zero

    Lead-free, corrosion-resistant faucets thanks to the unique GROHE-developed alloy.

    Extensive research, creative development and lots of determination have led to a unique innovation - a brass alloy for water fittings that offers even greater resistance against corrosion and exceeds international regulations on drinking-water integrity. GROHE has substantially reduced the lead content in brass to negligible levels. Lead is replaced by harmless metals like copper, ensuring that potential lead contamination of potable water is at an absolute minimum.

  • GROHE QuickFix™

    GROHE QuickFix™ reduces installation time.

    Precision engineering has enabled us to simplify the installation process by reducing the complexity and number of parts required to fit a product. GROHE QuickFix™ ensures that our Rapid SL frames are even quicker and simpler to install than before. The inspection shaft now clicks into place - for tool-free installation, while only two screws are required to install the fixing frame. Additionally, the wall brackets are now easier and faster to fit. For fast, hassle-free faucet installation, several of our single-lever basin mixers also benefit from GROHE QuickFix™.